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They can be fitted on their own, in pairs or even in groups where appropriate, for steadying or transfer.


If the rail is mounted vertically it will assist in pulling up to standing, or if mounted horizontally it will assist in pushing up, and for general mobility.


The Grab Bar was designed because a well-situated shower or toilet rail can make all the difference to the safety and confidence of the user around the home.


The rails are made of robust materials and have strong fixing points because it is recognised that they are subject to some hefty pulls and sudden tugs, therefore it is essential that they are fitted competently, according to the instructions.

16″ Angled – Prima Bathroom Grab Rail

SKU: MOB-210
    • High quality, tough all plastic grab rail.
    • Purposely designed for elderly and disabled people.
    • The grab rail has a ribbed finish for extra grip.
    • It is non-slip even when wet and are always warm to the touch.
    • The oval cross-section ergonomically matches the human grip.
    • The rail can be installed vertically or horizontally.
    • Max user weight: 160kg.

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