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Make commode clean up a breeze and put an end to spills, splashes and odours!


Each bag contains a thin GelMax pad that does all the work turning the waste into a solid odourless gel.


Simply drop one of these liners into the commode and it will absorb up to 710ml (24 ozs) of liquid waste while fighting unpleasant odour.


When complete, all you do is tie the pull tie closure and throw it in the bin. Comes in a pack of 20.

Cleanis Carebag Commode Liners

SKU: MOB-213
    • Seat height adjustable 550-700mm (21 -27 “)
    • Footprint (at lowest height) 420 x 530mm (16 x 21″)
    • Footprint (at max height) 430 x 600mm (17 x 23 “)
    • Width between arms 508mm (20″)
    • Size 52cm X 40cm (21″ X 16″)

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