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Feather-Touch Disassembly

Simple frame separation with only one hand easily disassembles into five super-lightweight pieces for convenient transport and storage


Interchangeable Shrouds

Includes sets of easily changeable coloured panels.


Comfortable Seating

Foldable compact black vinyl swivel seat


Delta Tiller

Ergonomic wraparound handles enable easy-to-use left or right-hand operation and the ability to rest your wrist on the handle for added comfort

Go-Go Elite Traveller Sport Mobility Scooter

SKU: MOB-307
  • The ultimate high-performance scooter 

    Introducing a new type of mobility scooter with added larger deck space, the Go-Go Elite Traveller® _Sport from the ‘Pride® Travel Scooter’ range features an innovative design with a full complement of unique standard features. A charger port conveniently located in the tiller, front and rear LED lighting, 9-inch wheels at front and rear and an increased weight capacity of 23 Stone 3 lbs. are just a few features that make the Go-Go Elite Traveller Sport an exceptional scooter.

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