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The all new Breeze Midi 3 + Midi 4 bring to the market a higher level of design features that now provides further comfort, reliability and safety.


Building on the proven heritage of the popular larger Breeze models, these new compact versions incorporate enhanced, sharper looks, a disc braking system, fully orthopaedic seat and energy absorbing front and rear bumpers.


The disc brakes are now more responsive and incorporate an emergency stopping system should the user lose control of the vehicle.


The tiller encompasses Delta ‘Wig Wag’ control levers and a gas sprung actuator which is fully adjustable for optimum ergonomic positioning for the owner.


For fast status recognition, the easy-to-read LCD control panel displays all the relevant information the user requires in a simple format, and safety is enhanced by a water-protected ignition switch.

If technical updates need to be uploaded, then the onboard computer can be accessed via the charging socket.


The easily manoeuvrable 3-wheel, Breeze midi has full front and rear suspension which delivers a smooth, sturdy ride across both even and rough surfaces whether travelling at slow speeds or its top limit of approximately 12.8km/h (8mph).


Powered by advanced 2 x 50A batteries, the Breeze midi 3 has a range of 50-55km (31.1-34.2miles), can drive safety up a 17% incline and an impressive ground clearance of 90mm (3.54″) which is ideal for driving off road in a more rural location.


SKU: MOB-106
  • These two new compact models are based on the same engineering platform as the proven Breeze 3 and 4 ensuring dealers and end users benefit from added value, unbeatable quality and ultimately peace of mind, The larger models of the Breeze 3 and 4 have proved so popular with our dealers, we felt that a more compact version would offer additional benefits if storage space was an issue or enhanced manoeuvrability was required.

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